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Staying true to the original

One great feature about historical homes and buildings is the feeling you get when you walk inside. The atmosphere of historical buildings can transform you to a different time and place. When a historical building is being restored, it is important to preserve this look.

You can’t trust just anyone with your historical restoration. You need someone with the tools, experience, and extensive knowledge to accurately restore your space. Your historical building can be updated with precision and accuracy when you come to us.

The right tools for the job

Different techniques and the right tools are required for an accurate restoration. You’ll find that we are prepared to handle any situation. You’ll be thrilled with our historically-accurate painting services that mimic the colors and techniques from previous eras.

If you need old paint removed, we can perform this for you prior to applying a perfectly matched color to preserve the look of your historical building. Your building will look fresh and new while still retaining the look and feel of times past.

Amstel House

Amstel House
Painting and restoration of Amstel House in Old New Castle

Christ Church

Christ Church
Christ Church chapel doors. Painted and gold leafed.

Dutch House

Dutch House
Exterior painting and restoration.


Hagley, The Residence
Exterior painting of Hagley, The Residence.

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